Beagle Puppies/ Dogs - Facts you must know about them before Adopting a Beagle Puppy

Beagle training can be kind of tough because as dogs go Beagles are one of the more stubborn breeds. So if you want to adopt a Beagle that you would like to train this is for you. Beagles like all AKC registered breed is technically not a pure breed. They are designed to fill a particular purpose by humans and are actually descendants of a number of hound breeds found in England. Being a hound and a hunting dog contributes to the stubborness of the breed. Hence Beagle training can be really frustrating.

Their acute sense of smell leads them to be distracted easily as they simply must investigate every new smell that they encounter.So every little smell is a distraction for them.So you have to be strict with Beagle but don't be overly strict. Don't get frustrated. The difficult part of Beagle training is teaching the dog not to be distracted.

All dogs regardless of breed need discipline in their lives and Beagles should be taught the basic command set first. They should be taught the basic commands first, these commands are Sit, Stay, Heel, and Down. Using food rewards, works very well when training the Beagle, but favorite toys can be an incentive as well. With a Beagle, who is stubborn or distracted it is very important that you work until you have complete control over the dog with just a word or hand signal.

One trait that see in Beagles more than other breeds is the propensity for begging. They are not shy about it and can be very vocal when they want something, so begging is something that should be particular concern when Beagle training. So understannding the Beagle is very necessary.

It is important to understand that the Beagle is very energetic. This over abundance of energy makes the Beagle a great pet for those who enjoy walking and spending time playing with their pet. If you are the couc potato type the Beagle may not be the ideal breed for you. You must have time and energy for this breed to keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Bored beagles can become destructive.

Due to the hunting instinct Beagles shouldn't be trusted around non dog pets unless well socialized when young, even then, keep an eye on them. They are great family pets and do well with other dogs, but not so well around non canine pets.

While Beagle training may be frustrating at first a little patience will ensure that you have a healthy and happy family dog.

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