Basset Hound

About Basset Hound Dog Breed:

They have very dense bones.Its distinct feature is that its front legs are far from the hind legs.It has the longest dog ears.It helps in chasing and hunting.Their nose is the second best in the world.THey are very stubborn so they are very hard to train.They are loving and dependable.

His sense of smell is next only to the Bloodhound's. And there's no mistaking when he has picked up the scent of his prey. He bays loudly and excitedly. He moves at a slow and steady pace, determined to get to that rabbit. As a family companion, especially for kids, the Basset is a winner. He brings his easy going, laid back style into the house and extremely devoted. They tend to over eat which can cause them many health issues also.

Looks- They have a short body.Also their legs are short with big paws.They have large ears.

Size- Their average height is 14 inch and weighs heavy.

Health- It mainly have back problems.They can also suffer from bloating and spinal problems.Because of their big ears they can also have ear infection.

Habitat- It needs space.

Grooming- They are very easy to groom because of their low shedding but they will need daily bathing.

Average Age- They live upto 12 years.

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Also see:Basset Hound PuppiesBasset Hound Pictures

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