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Akita is a very strong breed of dog, bought to america by Helen keller for the very first time in 1937. In Japan an Akita statue symbolises health and well being.They are tough dogs and are athletic and can even take a bullet for their owners.They don't like to share their space, their food with too many animals.They are originated from japan.They are built for polar environments.Their long legs allow them to climb steep snow covered mountains.They are member of the spitz dog family known for fluffy tiny curved tails and alert fully pricked ears and plush fur.They faced extinction during World war 2.In America Akita comes in 3 coat pallets- solid, A tiger stripped called brindo and pinto that is mostly white with sharply defined patches. They should not live in appartments.They can suffer from joint displasia and bloat.Their grooming is very necessary as they have lots of hair which shed alot.If someone is planning to keep an Akito as a pet they should start training them from a young age orelse once they grow strong it becomes very difficult.

The Akita is hundreds of years old and is considered a natural treasure in his native country of Japan.The dog's image was carved on ancient Japanese tombs from the time when this majestic breed could be owned only by emperors or other nobility.The breed was developed in the rugged, snowy mountains or northern Japan. On hunts, the Akita was trained to go after wild boars and bears, cornering them and then barking until his master arrived with a bow and arrow or spear. Akitas arrived in America after World War 2, when U.S soldiers, who had fallen in love with the breed in Japan, brought them back to the states.

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Also see:Akita PuppiesAkita Pictures

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