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A true friend is one who is ready to go to any extent just to bring a smile on his/her friend's face, to protect his/her friend from any danger, and that true, loyal friend who will just love you selflessly is a dog. A dog is the most loving companion that a human can have. So a friend who is always ready to help you, is your dog, truly a man's best friend. A dog will always be ready to even die for its master.

Having a dog means that no matter how bad your day was, you are bound to be happy as soon as you enter your house, as your loving dog will surely welcome you with it's affection, wagging tail and never ending love. Not only love and affection, but a dog is useful in many other numerous ways also. It's supposed to be the most sensative and understanding animal and pet that one can have. This is the main reason why they are used as therapy dogs and loving guides for many suffering patients. It's alertness and strong smelling sense makes this animal the first choice for security agencies to work as their sniffing dogs, rescue dogs and also now in many dangerous missions to fight against terror.

A dog's hearing sense is so sharp, that it can even hear any footsteps from a far distance, whether it's his masters or of any thief. Thus a dog becomes a great watchdog for your property and family. The thief might be very intelligent and no matter wherever they hide, a dog with it's sense of smelling will surely find him and also not hesitate to attack the intruder. Thus if you have a dog, you can be assured of one thing that you will never feel lonely , alone or unsafe ever.

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Also see: Cute Dogs | Funny Dogs | Cute Puppies

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Labrador French Bulldog
Husky Chihuahua
Pug German Shepherd
Shih Tzu Greyhound

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